Knaresborough Connectors

Knaresborough is a place with great natural and human assets – but it’s still possible to feel isolated, lonely and not know where to turn, whatever your age.  Eight hundred years ago we know that people turned to St. Robert for wisdom, guidance and perhaps also a connection that would get them back on their feet and able to contribute to their community.   

Knaresborough Connectors is a project that reflects St. Robert’s legacy and builds on good practice in community development.  In this early stage of the project we are:

Mapping what’s out there in our town with the plan to make that available online through existing websites;
Networking with the wide range of community groups in our town;
Thinking about the gaps that there might be and exploring how these might be filled;
Recruiting and training a small group of volunteers to act as ‘connectors’.

If you’d like to know more about this project and to get involved in the early stage of planning please contact Nick Garrett (07753 167190) in the first instance.