Christian Reflections

Christian reflections on St. Robert's calling and mission. A workshop to explore the relevance of St. Robert for Christians today.

It will take place on Saturday 26th May from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. at Gracious Street Methodist Church.

Tickets are £5 for General Admission and £2.00 for Concesssion.

The afternoon will be a mix of discussion and reflection on the spiritual example and legacy of St. Robert.  It will be led by Rev. Brian Hoare, with input from Peter Lacey.  Three themes will be developed with the opportunity to learn, and discuss, these in an informal environment.  Sunday the 27th is Trinity Sunday and we are hoping that this, and St, Robert’s association with the Trinitarians, will be reflected in Sunday services as well, but for the Saturday the first theme picks up this connection:

  1. St. Robert’s legacy arising from the establishment of the Trinitarian Abbey that bore his name – what did (/do) Trinitarians stand for, how does this reflect Robert’s own work, and what can we learn from this? 
  2. We will reflect on a series of Biblical images that emerge from the life of St. Robert and what they might mean for us today.
  3. We will use a Psalm that perhaps captures the cry of those that Robert reached out to and supported, reflecting on similar cries that echo around us today.

We would encourage you to book so that we can plan for seating and refreshments, but the afternoon will be an open-door event, so please do come even if the booking fee is a problem.