Educational Material

The educational material developed during 2019 from the significant amount of information gathered during the anniversary year is now available as a workbook.  We are making this available to schools and youth organisations in Knaresborough, so if you’d like to obtain a hardback version please just e-mail me at  Meanwhile, all the material you’d need can be downloaded from this page by following the links below…

  1. The English & Art worksheet introduces students to many of the interesting aspects of life in England 800 years ago and encourages creative work through story writing, music and art.
  2. Ever heard of Dunwich (in Suffolk), well the history and geography worksheet tells us it was the 10th largest town in England at the time of St Robert.  This worksheet also introduces Knaresborough Forest to students.
  3. Maths and Measurements introduces you to some of the ways that people in the 12th and 13th Century measured things and supports discussion about how they originated, with plenty of fun applications – an additional worksheet is also available here.
  4. There’s a language worksheet – can you count to ten in old English!  Great fun and even a small bit of Latin!
  5. The life of a Cistercian monk is covered in another worksheet, which was St Robert’s experience for a short period early in his life, but then there’s material about St Robert’s life after he left the monastery, which is supported by the wealth of material already gathered on our website during the anniversary year.
  6. And don’t forget King John and the Maundy Money – covered in another worksheet.

The production of this material has been made possible through a generous grant from Knaresborough Town Council.