Christian reflections on St. Robert’s calling and mission.

A workshop to explore the relevance of St. Robert for Christians today.

Understanding the spiritual legacy of Knaresborough’s own saint is an important part of this year’s celebrations.  A group from across different churches in Knaresborough therefore met on the afternoon of the 26th of May to consider how we can understand and apply this core aspect of St. Robert’s life and work.

A short act of worship led by the Rev. Brian Hoare was followed by an introduction to the world of St. Robert from Peter Lacey.  The group then considered three areas in which a spiritual legacy can be sourced.  The session ended with another short act of worship and dedication, during which a new hymn was sung for the first time – words by the late Arnold Kellet put to music by Rev. Brian Hoare.

Copies of the study guide, specially prepared for this anniversary year, can be obtained for use in personal or group study by e-mailing us at donation of £2 per copy).