St. Robert Feast (2019)

On the afternoon of Saturday 28th September (2:00 - 5:00 p.m.) we will be repeating the extremely successful ‘St. Roberts Feast’. As with the inaugural year we are looking for people to identify, sponsor and support up to 60 people to be feasted and entertained in the same medieval mode as last year’s anniversary.

The changes for 2018 are that the feast will be held at St. Mary’s Old School Hall, and we’ve reduced the cost to £20 per head as a result of not requiring the marquee that was a feature of the anniversary event.  However, we’ll have the same delicious menu and enchanting entertainment.  You can purchase a ticket individually, or club together, to send someone you think should be there.

Whilst in the anniversary year the focus was on those very worthy participants who serve ‘in the spirit of St. Robert’, we’d also like to encourage nominations this year for those who are often isolated and in need themselves.  It would be these people that St. Robert was reputed to have sheltered and supported, so we feel that it would be an appropriate additional reason to send someone to the feast.

Once you have sponsored a guest, or guests, you will receive an email confirming that you have purchased the tickets and which will contain a link for the guest nomination form for you to complete.  Please fill in the form and return it to