The Saint Appointments

Go on your own audio-guided pilgrimage to St. Robert’s Cave, a gentle journey to the home of the celebrity hermit, listening to one of four short stories about events within his life 800 years ago.  St. Robert will be waiting to begin your appointment, an audio experience, once you reach the cave. When will you choose to visit him – dawn, twilight, midday?  What will you be asked? How will you answer?

There are four stories taken from 'Tales of the Celebrity Hermit' written by local author Peter Lacey, and available from Castlegate books in the Market Square. Whose will you choose to listen to? Will you choose the account of somebody similar or different to you?

The stories are:

A Broken Bow. The account of Sir William De Stutville, sheriff of Yorkshire, a proud man who found redemption in his encounter with Robert.

A Mother’s Regret. The tale of Siminina, Robert’s mother, whose letter, written at the end of her life, brings her estranged sons together.

A Clash of Kingdoms. Yvo’s story, an ordinary man who doubted his place in Robert’s community and witnessed the visit of King John.

A Band of Brothers. Dominic, a monk from Fountains Abbey, recounts the events surrounding St. Robert’s funeral and describes how he tried to do the right thing by his friend.

Please print off a map, which can be downloaded here, before you leave. Copies of the map are also available from Castlegate Books on the market square – check the opening times here.

Please download the track, which will be available shortly, to a portable device.

The experience works best with over-ear, noise cancelling headphones, however, a limited number of audio devices with the stories already loaded are available for hire from Castlegate Books on a first come, first served, basis.

Story lengths for different walking speeds:

A Broken Bow – 30 minutes

A Mother’s Regret – 24 minutes

A Clash of Kingdoms – 22 minutes

A Band of Brothers – 12 minutes


If you need assistance down the stairs to the cave, we recommend the times below.

Stewards will be at the cave on:

Saturday 11th August 2-4pm*

Sunday 12th August 2-4pm*

Monday 13th August 2-4pm*

*Weather dependent

The route along Abbey Road is accessible, but the descent to the cave has steep, uneven steps.

You are responsible for your own safety, please be aware when crossing roads or going down steps and remove your headphones when necessary.