Tales of the Celebrity Hermit

 "Tales of the Celebrity Hermit" - a book written, by Peter Lacey, about St. Robert’s life told through the eyes of those who loved, revered and grew to respect him. You can purchase your copy online here.

See a review of the Book Launch event at Knaresborough Library here.

Thank You

We want to thank those who have donated generously to the 800th celebrations this year, and to those who have given of their time and energy to make the events such a success.  We have received grants from Knaresborough Town Council, Knaresborough Lions and the George Moore Foundation.  We also rely on ticket sales, book sales and donations from the public, so please consider giving to this project (Donate) or contact us directly about our financial needs (e-mail).


Our Aims

Our goals in celebrating the 800th anniversary of St. Robert's death focus around:

Informing and educating as many people as possible in Knaresborough and beyond about the life of St. Robert;

Celebrating St. Robert's life in ways that make him relevant to 2018;

Honouring St. Robert’s memory in the quality and safety of the site at St. Robert’s cave;

Building a legacy that will benefit the people of Knaresborough into the future.

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